Before following the steps, please Remember to connect the TV BOX / TV STICK to the internet firstly!
Step 1: Uninstall old version of KODI: (below version 15):
SETTINGS –> MORE SETTINGS (in the 2nd row, but some model wont need this step)–> apps –> Hit “KODI” –> Hit “UNINSTALL” –> Hit yes to uninstall
Step 2: Download the KODI 16.1 and install it:
Method 1: Use google play store, search for KODI 16.1 and then download from KODI foundation, after downloaded, just install it!
Method 2:download from website directly
on the TV box, there is a web browser:
then open this site:
Inline image
(that is: )
and then:
scroll down to find this:
Inline image
after you hit that ARM, KODI 16.1 will download, and after downloaded it, just install it
then after you installed it, click here to follow the rest of the instruction
Any issue, please help Contact us