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What are needed to get kukele plug & play box running?

All you need is good internet speed and a TV that has HDMI interface (on some model, AV interface would work, but HDMI interface would provide much better viewing experience).

Concisely, there are three steps:

Step 1: Power up the TV BOX and connect it to your TV

Step 2: Connect your TV

Step 3: Use the applications already installed to enjoy!

Where can I use the kukele tv box?

Basically , you can use it anywhere in the planet as long as you have an good internet Internet connection and the correct power adapter. The add-ons will still be able to be used to their full potential anywhere you go.

What Internet speed do I need to run it smoothly?

The Internet speed needed to view your content on the kukele box will depend on the resolution of the video you are streaming. Please reference the chart below to view the speed needed.

Speeds Down Stream (In Megabits Per Second)

SD recommended 5Mbps

HD recommended 10Mbps

What can I do: my videos are buffering on my kukele tv box / stick?

KODI place a high requirement for the internet speed. Here are some of ways that worth try:

Method 1:  if you are currently using WIFI, maybe reboot of your router would help(just by unplug the power adapter of your router, then wait for a while and replug it back).

Method 2: you may want to contact your Internet service provider to make sure you are getting the speed for at least the recommended net speed 

Method 3: Move your Wi-Fi router closer to your Android TV Box (or the other way)

Metohd 4: if you are currently using WIFI, then it might help if you can use Ethernet.

Method 5: increase the buffer space by doing this: KODI –> PROGRAM –> Maintenance TOOL –> SYSTEM TWEAKS –> ENABLE ZERO Caching SETTING —> then press OK button and select “YES”, but this method might backfire.

If none of those work, please just let us know.

What are the simple instruction to get the device running? say, where should i find movies, live channels or sports etc? 

here is a simple introduction so that you can get started after get the item:
(please firstly make sure that you have good internet speed)

for movies,
when you open the TV BOX, there is app like: showbox, mobdro, megabox hd, ccloud tv, those all have movies and shows (though, might need a wireless keyboard or airmouse so that can eaisly navigate).
can use KODI–> VIDEO –> ADD-ONS —>
then: exodus/phoenix / naiv-x / 1channel etc

and for live:
when you open the TV BOX, there is 2 apps has lots of live channels that is: mobdro and CLOUD TV (or you can goto MY APPS –> there to find it)
can use KODI–> VIDEO –> ADD-ONS —>
then: bbts/ ccloud tv/ channel pearl / castaway ->live TV/ LIVE MIX / TV TIME/ naiv-x / phoenix / UKTV AGAIN etc

and for sports.
when you open the TV BOX, there is few apps has lots of sports channels that is: mobdro and CLOUD TV or FILMON(or you can goto MY APPS –> there to find it)
use KODI–> VIDEO –> ADD-ONS —>
try prosports /castaway / uk turk playlist / phoenix / sportsdevils/ etc
and when there is live event, you can find on those sports add-ons too

What if I accidentally hit “Factory reset”?

Sorry, but all things that come with the TV BOX would disappear, SO PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT! But If already done that before read this lines, no worries, please just help send us a email. Shall get the things back with our assist easily.